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Dashiqiao welfare refractory materials plant is located in the Chinese magnesium are dashiqiao jinqiao development zone I plant since its inception in 92, is committed to enterprise's technical transformation, achieved remarkable results Our factory has strong steelmaking professional technical force and high quality products, such as refractory furnace charge With advanced management concept and advanced technology equipment The factory for the production of iron and steel industry refractory material and metallurgical material is given priority to, and adopted the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

Our factory has for years been focus on application of new technology, new technology and the development of new technology products Perennial employ metallurgy refractories mechanical expert professor of chemical and other industries 18 senior engineers, and anshan JiaoNai courtyard Anshan iron and steel institute Northeastern university and other research institutions in close cooperation.

Our main equipment has high tonnage 8 brick molding machines; And has introduced from Japan automatic time friction brick molding machine 2 sets; Tunnel type high temperature heat treatment furnace 2; High speed mixing machine 6 units; Efficient vibration machine 4 sets, the broken line 3 to create good conditions for production of quality products Producing all kinds of refractory capacity of 100000 tons, including setting fire-resistant material, 40000 tons, not stereotypes refractories, 60000 tons.

The company's performance are mainly shagang 180 tons converter overall contracting Wuhu emerging cast pipe 120 tons converter overall contracting 150 tons of meishan steel lining brick and repairing Tangshan iron and steel group turn-key MCC city 120 tons 150 tons of refining ladle furnace tundish overall contracting and so on Turkey and exported to Russia Mainly exported to Japan, the customer has: Nippon steel live gold (jun 1, tianjin steel 2 steel Nagoya small stainless steel) new steel (played) Japanese furnace materials industry.

Our factory is located in the southern town of as magnesium are in domestic advantageous geographical environment for the factory provides the superior conditions, nantong port, west of the liao river, yingkou new the old port is within the port, railway, shenyang - dalian highway runs through the north and south, constitutes the incomparable traffic condition, provides the factory with the external environment of economic ideal.

Contract and keep credibility protect quality increased variety is the tenet of our factory direct production.

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