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      Choose magnesium the writing high temperature shaft kiln sintering. A high content of MgO style, between 90, 91, 92, 93%, is the production of ordinary magnesite brick and amorphous refractory materials. Dead-burned magnesite is mainly composed of magnesite, magnesite or water from the water extracting magnesium hydroxide by high temperature calcination. Hydration resistance ability. Magnesite calcination under 700-950 ℃ is escaping CO2, magnesite as soft porous loose material, cannot be used for refractory material; Magnesite through 1550-1600 ℃ calcination so-called burned magnesia said sintered magnesite. With high temperature equipment such as a shaft kiln, rotary kiln calcining step or two calcination process, with natural magnesite as raw material to the fire burned magnesia called sintered magnesite; Sintered magnesite according to its physical and chemical indicators are divided into 18 series.


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